This pamphlet is about the vital need to invest in a strong transportation system. The pamphlet is part of our ongoing exercise to raise the profile of transportation in the minds of the public. Failure to do so puts our industry at risk in being able to finance a strong, sustainable transportation infrastructure.

WESTAC undertook the report recognizing that transportation infrastructure reinvestment in all modes is one of Canada's biggest challenges. This briefing aims to advance the debate about the importance of transportation infrastructure by elevating its status on the national agenda.

WESTAC undertook the report on behalf of the Canada Transportation Act Review Panel. This comprehensive document focuses on competitive rail access issues and issues related to emerging market structures and capital sustainability.

Tags : Policy

This report draws largely on existing research the describe a very complex grain handling and transportation system in a simple, easy-to-understand way. It is intended as a primer for the workshops where more detailed information may be used.