The primary purpose of this report is to propose and outline an action plan for northern transportation in Canada. The action plan follows from the Proceedings of the Northern Transportation Conference, including expert presentations, discussions, roundtable sessions and a survey.

Participants generally believed significant policy progress had been made over the past 20 years, but a significant job remains to be done. There was general recognition of the tremendous investment and efficiency boost that had occurred in various transportation modes as a result of increased reliance on the marketplace, rather than regulation.

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WESTAC conducted one-on-one, in-depth interviews with 50 Canadian leaders in late 2004. They were a cross-section of interests with varying degrees of connection to the transportation sector. (available in french - contact

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Summary of current legislation, CTAR recommendations, and failed Bill C-26.

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Report synthesizes discussions at workshop held in Edmonton in November 2004.

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Vancouver has experienced significant volume growth over the past year and it is forecast that rapid growth will continue over the next 15 years. All stakeholders - ocean carriers, retailers, producers, terminal operators, and railways – will be impacted.

On November 26 and 27, 2003, 125 key transportation stakeholders met in Winnipeg. The goal of the event was to find agreement on what is needed to build better transportation infrastructure. Delegates heard from expert panelists and had opportunities to provide their views through the completion of surveys.

Opening the Arteries for Growth

November 26, 2003 | Category: Briefings

WESTAC released this paper by Dr. Graham Parsons. It examines the vital role that transportation plays in our quality of life and gives priorities for improving the transportation system.

This pamphlet is about the vital need to invest in a strong transportation system. The pamphlet is part of our ongoing exercise to raise the profile of transportation in the minds of the public. Failure to do so puts our industry at risk in being able to finance a strong, sustainable transportation infrastructure.

WESTAC undertook the report recognizing that transportation infrastructure reinvestment in all modes is one of Canada's biggest challenges. This briefing aims to advance the debate about the importance of transportation infrastructure by elevating its status on the national agenda.