2019 Spring Member Forum

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The Art of the Possible: Thinking Creatively and Collaboratively about Supply Chains

Apr 30, 2019 – May 1, 2019

Hotel Grand Pacific, Victoria

As water always seeks the most natural path, cargo seeks the smoothest, most reliable channel between producers and customers. Today, Western Canada’s supply chains are increasingly contending with constraints that impede the fluidity of goods movement.

Despite recent infrastructure investments, constraints affecting capacity, efficiency and reliability are impacting overall performance. According to the World Bank Logistics Performance Index, Canada’s ranking dropped to twentieth place in 2018. When a transportation system does not perform as expected its reputation is damaged and customers, both domestic and international, will take their business elsewhere.

Our Spring 2019 Forum will focus on providing a holistic perspective of the supply chain and encouraging collaborative action to needed improvements. To do so, we must first gain an understanding of the current capacity picture and the gaps between expectations and capabilities. Only then can a dialogue on bolder approaches and creative ideas take place to improve the competitiveness of the system.

We continue to hear concerns about lost momentum in the sector. The Forum should provide an opportunity to find ways to collaborate and share ideas about efficiency and system productivity.  We need champions to preserve our competitiveness and the health of the Western Canadian economy. Given the depth and breadth of experience sitting around the WESTAC table, this is a task that falls within the capability of our membership.


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