2019 Spring Member Forum

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The Art of the Possible: Thinking Creatively and Collaboratively about Supply Chains

Apr 30, 2019 – May 1, 2019

Hotel Grand Pacific, Victoria

As water always finds the easiest path to flow along, so does cargo, seeking the smoothest, most reliable channel between producer and consumer. However, the channels that comprise Western Canada’s supply chain are becoming increasingly constrained due to congestion, environmental concerns, capacity underutilization and other issues. The consequence is a transportation system that, overall, threatens to undermine continued national trade and prosperity.

While investments in hard and soft infrastructure continue to be made, we are still falling behind other countries in overall logistics competitiveness. In the 2018 World Bank Logistics Performance Index, we ranked 20th among 160 countries falling from 10th place in 2007.

A narrow focus on short term financial pressures coupled with ongoing challenges with network visibility from heartland to tidewater is limiting our ability to grow the system. And when the system does not work for customers, international and domestic, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

The focus of our 2019 Spring Member Forum is to increase an understanding of how the system operates as a whole and to encourage collective, creative ways to grow the network for all stakeholders. The task requires that we take a bold approach and support the leadership needed to think about how to invest not only in our assets but in the broader productivity of the transportation system that underpins the wellbeing of our citizens, both current and future.

We are slowly moving in the right direction with innovative contractual arrangements, transformational technologies that enhance trust and visibility, and collective approaches to infrastructure investment. There is depth and breadth of expertise among our members that equip us to solve our problems more quickly and not wait for others to do it for us.

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