Post-Meeting Report – 2015 Fall Member Forum. Unlocking Capacity: Optimizing Western Canada’s Transportation Network

This WESTAC Briefing has been prepared as a service to WESTAC members. It is intended to provide a summary of the main elements of the new regulatory framework for container trucking in the Vancouver area (“Lower Mainland”).

Supporting Continued Success: Disaster Management; And Regional Transportation Priorities

WESTAC and the Global Institute of Logistics were pleased to welcome nearly 100 senior delegates to participate in Transportation Summit 2011: Best Practices Shaping Global Logistics. The Summit explored best practices and benchmarking in cargo supply chains from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia based on a series of thought panels. Two workshops were held on the Service Guarantee (Marca De Garantia) and the development and use of Container Terminal Quality Indicators.

Drawing from shippers and importers that rely upon the freight transportation system, this 80 page report details findings in containerized freight and in six export commodity groups (coal, forest products, grains, fertilizer and potash, sulphur and chemicals) providing ten-year forecast information about surface freight volumes in Western Canada.

The primary purpose of this report is to propose and outline an action plan for northern transportation in Canada. The action plan follows from the Proceedings of the Northern Transportation Conference, including expert presentations, discussions, roundtable sessions and a survey.

Vancouver has experienced significant volume growth over the past year and it is forecast that rapid growth will continue over the next 15 years. All stakeholders - ocean carriers, retailers, producers, terminal operators, and railways – will be impacted.