2023 Compass Report: Leader Survey Highlights

January 16, 2023 | Category: Compass Leader Survey

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Compass 2023: A Forward Thinking, Long-term Infrastructure Plan is Needed

VANCOUVER, BC, January 16, 2023—Transportation industry leaders are increasingly concerned about Canada's lack of a coordinated long-term infrastructure plan, as highlighted in the annual WESTAC Compass Report. Such a plan needs to focus on capacity concerns, infrastructure bottlenecks and trade corridors.

The results of the 6th annual Compass survey highlight widespread perceptions that Western Canada’s competitiveness and reputation are declining. These interconnected variables can impact our relationship with trading partners who may question our ability to reliably deliver to market the Canadian goods that are increasingly in demand.

A concerted effort is required to improve collaboration between supply chain stakeholders and create a forward-thinking, long-term infrastructure plan to help us meet Canada’s climate and trade goals.

“We need a long-term infrastructure plan that will provide the reliability, capacity and flexibility to meet the future demand for Canadian goods. Without a plan focussed on trade corridors and improving infrastructure bottlenecks, we are planning to fail,” noted Lindsay Kislock, President & CEO of WESTAC.

About the WESTAC Compass Report
The Western Transportation Advisory Council's (WESTAC) annual Compass Report examines the views of senior executives within the Canadian transportation sector. The report has become a well-read barometer of the state of the transportation industry that highlights the major sectoral issues.

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WESTAC is a council of organizations in the transportation sector represented by senior decision-makers. WESTAC’s members span all aspects of freight transportation in Canada. They include carriers and logistics providers, ports and terminals, shippers, labour unions, and the three levels of government. Members represent a significant share of the western Canadian economy. We focus on critical issues that affect Western Canada’s freight transportation network to ensure that it is safe, efficient, reliable, and competitive. www.westac.com  




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