Report on Adapting to Automation and Technology

October 07, 2022 | Category: Research Papers

The adoption of advanced technologies is increasingly prevalent in the transportation industry. While technologies have yet to automate or digitize functions in every firm, their widespread implementation is inevitable and will transform the workforce.

Building on previous experience, WESTAC recently produced a report for the Sector Labour Market Partnership Program for the Government of British Columbia. WESTAC engaged in over a year of extensive research on "Adapting to Automation and Technology." The report examines international best practices and lessons for British Columbia's freight transportation workforce. You can find the report by clicking here.

This detailed report provides insight into what other jurisdictions and industries are doing to navigate and prepare their workforce for future jobs. Six case studies were prepared based on 30 interviews, with two case studies from the freight transportation sector. Five key trends arose from these case studies:

  • Organizations established an employer-led training program featuring a strong collaboration between industry, unions, educators, and economic development organizations.
  • Some successful programs were based on a learning framework developed through robust consultations with industry and educators.
  • Organizations built-in program sustainability by articulating the resources required and return on training investment.
  • Successful initiatives provided substantial financial support and individual guidance for learners.
  • Programs that have a diverse group of learners intentionally focused on diversity during recruitment and retention.

The trends from the case studies informed the development of recommendations most suitable to BC's freight transportation context, which were finalized through two roundtable discussions.

WESTAC thanks the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training for its support throughout this project.

WESTAC is interested in continuing research in this area. If you are interested or are aware of opportunities we should consider, please contact Marzia Rizvi, WESTAC's Manager, Program Development and Communications, at