Federated Co-operatives Limited Joins WESTAC

January 03, 2023 | Category: Member News

Vancouver, BC—The Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC) welcomes Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) as the newest member of Western Canada’s premier forum for transportation leaders.

Working directly with and representing their independent retail co-operative members, as well as businesses and individuals focused in four core areas (agriculture, fuel, grocery and home and building solutions), FCL is uniquely positioned to bring the voice of several industries to the table.

“FCL’s diverse operations and collaborative nature will be a great addition to the Council. Having the right stakeholders around the table enriches the discussion on issues critical to maintaining the competitiveness of the western transportation system,” noted Lindsay Kislock, WESTAC’s President & CEO.

The Official Representative to the Council will be Terry Wallin, Associate Vice-President, Logistics. The Alternate representative will be Jim Yonge, Director, Fleet Services.

“A strong transportation network is critical for FCL to receive products and essential supplies for our operations, and to provide services and products to local Co-ops in communities of every size across Western Canada, including remote areas in the North,” said Kyle Sokul, FCL’s Vice-President of Supply Chain. “We look forward to collaborating with government and business leaders to address challenges and identify opportunities for long-term success.”


About Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL)

FCL is a wholesaling, manufacturing, marketing and administrative co-operative owned by more than 160 independent local co-operative associations operating in over 620 communities, providing retail service in four areas: agriculture, fuel, grocery, and home and building solutions. They operate over 40 facilities across 5 provinces, including distribution centres, feed plants, propane centres, fertilizer terminals, petroleum terminals, an ethanol plant and a refinery.

In 2022, FCL’s trucking fleet included 269 merchandise trailers, 499 petroleum tankers and 256 propane delivery units pulled by company drivers and lease operators. The merchandise, petroleum and propane fleets travelled over 90 million kilometres, delivering 540,000 tons of merchandise and more than 3.6 billion litres of fuel. FCL also relies on rail lines to service our fuel distribution terminals in Carseland, AB and Ashcroft, BC, as well as fertilizer blending plants in Brandon, MB, Hanley, SK and Grassy Lake, AB.

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WESTAC is a council of organizations in the transportation sector represented by senior decision-makers. WESTAC's members span all aspects of freight transportation in Canada, including carriers and logistics providers, ports and terminals, shippers, labour unions, and three levels of government. Members represent a significant share of the western Canadian economy. We focus on critical issues that affect Western Canada's freight transportation network to ensure that it is safe, efficient, reliable, and competitive.



For further information: Marzia Rizvi, Manager, Program Development & Communications (604.687.8691 ext. 330) or mrizvi@westac.com.