2017 Spring Member Forum

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Capacity Conversations

Apr 26, 2017 – Apr 27, 2017


Capacity Conversations

Transportation service providers in Western Canada strive to meet the ongoing needs of customers – Canada’s exporters and importers. They recognize the added value transportation provides to a global supply chain when it is efficient and cost-effective.

If the Pacific Gateway is to become a successful “global trading hub and a nexus for global supply chains, we must have the infrastructure capacity to service customers around the world.” This statement from the Prime Minister’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth recognizes that infrastructure is at the core of any global advantage in delivering value whether its speed of service, flexibility or lower costs.

As shippers look ahead to the next 10 years – a conversation on service expectations from the transportation industry – railways, ports and terminals is critical. The goal of the conversation is to position western transportation closer to realizing its global potential. Considerations include:

  • How much growth is anticipated in Western Canada’s major commodity exports?
  • How are the manufacturing and retail landscapes changing?
  • Will these changing needs be met with current capacity?
  • Where do customers hit the biggest snags in supply chains?
  • Are there areas or specific projects that are a priority for Western Canada?

At the 2017 Spring Member Forum, WESTAC members representing the shipper and the service provider communities will be encouraged to share information and insight to improve capacity and service.



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