2015 Fall Member Forum

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Unlocking Capacity: Optimizing Western Canada's Transportation Network

Nov 9, 2015 – Nov 10, 2015

Calgary, AB

Any discussion on transportation system capacity in Western Canada requires an understanding of the outlook for the commodities that drive the demand for freight service. Today, a commodity price slump is acute in Western Canada. However, producers and shippers are resilient — having long learned to deal with swings in demand and prices — hallmarks of a resource-centric economy. This slowdown buys time to strategize, collaborate and optimize the transportation system in Western Canada and maintain Canada’s global competitiveness in trade and transportation.

As in other down cycles, the necessary business decisions to scale back investment and production, utilize innovative and new technologies, and find ways to increase efficiency will be made. WESTAC’s Fall Member Forum will consider three main themes to support effective and strategic optimization of physical and operational assets.


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