2013 Fall Member Forum

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Supporting Continued Success: Disaster Management and Regional Transportation Priorities

Nov 6, 2013 – Nov 7, 2013

Vancouver, BC

Governments and private firms have invested billions in transportation infrastructure and information technology to build the nation and facilitate trade. This meeting will consider two themes to support continued success of these valuable networks.



Our transportation systems are vital for Canada’s economy and the well-being of its citizens. Today’s transportation systems are increasingly interdependent and complex. Recent events have shown that physical and IT infrastructure is vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. What are the specific vulnerabilities? What is needed to protect our critical transportation infrastructure? How can governments and industry mitigate such risks? How can the system become more resilient? What best practices and innovations can be implemented?



Western Canada’s transportation networks facilitate trade within, to and from the region. The infrastructure that supports trade is provided by governments - federal, provincial, territorial, regional and municipal - as well as by railways, ports and terminals. In addition, the policies of governments impact transportation.

Provincial and territorial governments are working together to create a ‘Coordinated Transportation Infrastructure Plan for the West’. Members will discuss and give important input on the priorities to be used in creating this plan to support regional success.


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