2013 Annual Meeting

Members Only

Building Blocks of Public Engagement & 40th Anniversary Gala

Apr 22, 2013 – Apr 24, 2013

Saskatoon, SK

Opposition to transportation projects and industrial activity in general is on the rise. Once this was caused by a very vocal minority of the population. Today, however it appears that many more people are questioning the need for any and every project and is raising concern about the negative impacts. Every member, both service provider and customer, employee and policy maker, urban and rural dweller, is affected.

This meeting will enhance member knowledge and understanding of the need to engage the public and to earn a social license to operate. The outcome will be better understanding of the need to adapt to society’s changing expectations and embrace public engagement.

Public engagement is critical for all stakeholders in the transportation industry. As public sentiment seems to be shifting to “anti-growth”, industry must prepare for a new type of conversation, collaboration and engagement. Members will have the opportunity for dialogue on this issue in an in-camera setting.

2013 marks the Council’s 40th Anniversary. We look forward to celebrating this milestone in Saskatoon with our Members and friends. Members are invited to bring a guest to the gala dinner on April 23rd.


Presentations and Proceedings