2012 Semi-Annual Meeting

Members Only

The World As We Don't Know It: Game Changers & Transportation's Response

Nov 20, 2012 – Nov 21, 2012

Vancouver, BC

At the Semi-Annual Meeting, Members will have the opportunity to hear from two unique thought-leaders who will present game-changing scenarios that will challenge the world as we know it on globalization, transportation networks and infrastructure development. In an increasingly turbulent world with market volatility, economic uncertainty and environmental challenges, how do we plan?


It is natural to plan based on current trends continuing into the future. However, it is necessary to also consider whether there are any potential game changers – truly dramatic events – that would transform or disrupt these trends and change the world as we know it. Two keynote speakers will present scenarios with dramatic implications for the transportation system.


After each presented scenario, Members will engage in a planning exercise on the impacts of the scenario on the supply chain. A skilled, neutral facilitator with a transportation background will engage Members in a roundtable dialogue using each scenario.


The main scenario sessions will be supplemented with shorter presentations addressing specific drivers of change that will impact the transportation industry.


At the end of the meeting, Members will leave with a heightened awareness of possible scenarios that could impact the industry. Members are encouraged to come with open minds and ideas on how the system could respond and remain resilient, effective and financially viable in a potentially turbulent future.


Presentations and Proceedings