2011 Annual Meeting

Members Only

Understanding Demand: Forecasting Short and Long-Term Demand on Canada's Products and Transportation Response

Apr 5, 2011 – Apr 6, 2011

Winnipeg, MB

WESTAC members will meet in Winnipeg to discuss demand pictures shaping Western Canada’s transportation system. Things are different today, the markets have come back faster than anticipated and many think the world economies are on the upswing. It is time to begin sifting through the forecasts of short and long-term demand on Canada’s products and its transportation system. These commodity snapshots are used to inform capacity and long-term planning strategies in Canada.


However, we must speak to the still volatile and rapidly changing environment that is the backdrop for all world trade and economic analysis. The world “faces huge risks ranging from spiraling food and commodity prices to the danger of trade and currency wars, against a background of growing inequalities that threaten stability.” (World economy improves but faces risks, experts warn,” Seattle Times (WA), 27 Jan. 2011). Members will assess likely growth scenarios to develop a better understanding of the background picture that is most relevant to their organization.


The April sessions will explore the first part of any planning process, understanding the demand picture. There are concerns about coming system capacity constraints. Are they real and enduring? Members are encouraged to use discussion time to highlight capacity issues pertinent to each identified commodity snapshot. If desired, Members will carry this information forward to discuss capacity adjustments at another meeting.


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