2019 Compass Report: Leader Survey Highlights

May 10, 2019 | Category: Compass Leader Survey


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Results are in from WESTAC’s second annual Compass Leader Survey: Respondents affirmed almost universally that all sectors of the transportation community in the west need to become much more effective at collaboration.

The survey, deployed in late 2018, asked transportation leaders to venture their opinions on the economy in general and on transportation issues in particular. Findings summarized in the enclosed report present their insights on business, economic, environmental and geopolitical risks and opportunities for the Western transportation system.

While this year’s survey indicated a continued sense of optimism for the short term in trade and business activity, signs emerged of growing uncertainty and apprehension for the longer term. The findings suggest perhaps a 10 percent loss of optimism compared to 2017.

External global events and internal challenges on Canada’s ability to compete, especially because of lagging transportation capacity, is a principal cause of concern. The most evident incidents of pessimism seemed related to an unwieldy regulatory environment.

A compass’ singular purpose is to point us where we are heading and prevent us from getting sidetracked. WESTAC’s ongoing objective is to generate insights and collaboration with our surveys and forums, but direction must come from our membership. To this end, I hope you will find the enclosed report of value.

In the hopes of increasing response rates next year, we encourage you to widely share the report. Please use the link on our website or contact us for additional copies.


Oksana Exell
President & CEO