The WESTAC Membership Grows with the addition of K+S Potash Canada

July 04, 2023 | Category: Member News

Vancouver, BC—July 4, 2023—K+S Potash Canada (KSPC), one of Canada’s largest potash producers and an integral part of the Canadian economy, is the newest addition to the Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC).

KSPC’s Bethune mine, formerly known as the Legacy Project, is the first new greenfield potash mine in Saskatchewan in over 40 years (a $4.1B capital investment) and the largest investment by a German company in Canada. Built with an initial production capacity of 2.86 million tonnes per year, KSPC has a long-term growth plan to sustainably grow production capacity continuously over the next couple of decades toward 4 million tonnes per year, effectively doubling the current production output.

"The addition of KSPC will strengthen the perspective of Canadian shippers as we work to foster collaboration amongst key stakeholders to address opportunities and challenges of the transportation and supply chain network in Western Canada," said Lindsay Kislock, President & CEO of WESTAC.

The Official Representative will be Sam Farris, President. The Alternates will be Andrew Gajadhar, Senior Manager, Procurement & Corporate Affairs, and Tyler McDougall, Senior Manager, Logistics and Transportation. 

“K+S Potash Canada is excited to join this council of forward-thinking organizations. We hope to learn as well as add value to the already meaningful conversations between WESTAC members from government, industry, and labour organizations. We look forward to contributing to the dialogue among these leaders in support of advancing insights and identifying solutions for a more sustainable transportation network across Western Canada,” noted Andrew Gajadhar.




About K+S Potash Canada

K+S Potash Canada (KSPC) is a K+S Group company with headquarters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; a solution potash mine and production facility located near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; and a world-class potash handling and storage facility operated in partnership with Pacific Coast Terminals in Port Moody, British Columbia.

At the Bethune solution potash mine near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, K+S Potash Canada extracts potash crude salt, which is further processed into three types of potassium chloride. These products are used as natural fertilizers and compacted for use in various industrial applications. With this facility, K+S can more easily reach the markets in Asia, as well as North and South America, and is well-equipped for expansion of total capacity as markets grow.



WESTAC is a council of organizations in the transportation sector represented by senior decision-makers. WESTAC's members span all aspects of freight transportation in Canada. They include carriers and logistics providers, ports and terminals, shippers, labour unions, and three levels of government. Members represent a significant share of the Western Canadian economy. We focus on critical issues that affect Western Canada's freight transportation network to ensure that it is safe, efficient, reliable, and competitive.