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"Since its inception in 1973, WESTAC has played an important role in driving a more efficient, safe and competitive transportation system for Western Canada. Manitoba looks forward to continuing our longstanding relationship with this valuable organization."

— Hon. Steve Ashton, former Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation

Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation (MIT) is directly responsible for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of Manitobas vast network of highways, bridges and related transportation infrastructure. This transportation network is a critical component of the provincial economy, global competitiveness and the quality of life enjoyed in our communities. MIT is also responsible for the development of transportation policy and legislation, motor carrier safety and regulation enforcement, carrier permits and the development and implementation of sustainable transportation initiatives. To meet these responsibilities, the department delivers a wide range of programs and services that play a critical role in sustaining the contributions of the transportation sector to Manitobas economic growth. In 2007, Manitoba launched a $4 billion, 10-year Highway Renewal Plan to address the urgent requirements of our aging infrastructure system. To keep Manitoba moving forward, in March 2014 the provincial government unveiled the new Five-Year Plan to Build A Stronger Manitoba with $5.5 billion in investments in core infrastructure including $320 million in flood protection, $1.5 billion in municipal infrastructure, and a historic $3.7 billion in roads, highways and bridges.

Company Facts

Maintains over 19,000 km of highways

Implemented a $4 billion 10-yr (2007-2017) infrastructure renewal program

Invested over $15 million in repairs to 139 highways and roads following historic 2011 flood

More than $31 million since 2001-2002 invested in winter road system upgrades, serving approximately 30,000 Manitobans in 23 communities


Hon. Lisa Naylor
Minister of Transportation & Infrastructure

Rich Danis
Director, Corporate Strategy and Planning

Ryan Klos
Deputy Minister of Infrastructure