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"WESTAC provides an invaluable forum for transportation leaders. WESTAC provides the opportunity to hear perspectives on critical issues and best practices from leading organizations in the transportation industry. Alberta is pleased to continue as a sustaining member of WESTAC and to participate in discussions that play a key role in moving Alberta and Canada forward."

Alberta Transportation provides a safe, innovative, and sustainable world class transportation system that supports a strong economy, a high quality of life, and a healthy environment for all Albertans. The Ministry plans, develops, and preserves a transportation system that includes more than 31,000 km of roadways that connect families, communities and businesses to local and international destinations. It also designs, constructs and maintains Albertas water management infrastructure. Alberta Transportations responsibilities include: Leading the Alberta Traffic Safety Plan, promoting a safe and sustainable multi-modal transportation system, working with other levels of governments and stakeholders on transportation policy, program and legislative items, providing funds to municipalities through various grant programs to build and maintain sustainable transportation infrastructure and providing appeal and independent review processes through the Alberta Transportation Safety Board. Alberta Transportation operates five regional offices and employs approximately 900 full-time employees. As part of its three-year construction program, Alberta Transportation is planning to invest more than $9 billion in the provincial transportation system over the next three years.

Company Facts

Alberta transportation system includes: 31,000 km of provincial highways; 6,800 km of mainline rail track; airports: 2 international, 11 regional and 70 paved community airports

Alberta’s transportation sector employs 116,400 people and contributes more than $10.9 billion to the economy

Alberta’s transportation sector facilitates the transportation of $95.4 billion of exports per year – including $9.5 billion by road, $22.8 billion by rail, and $1.7 by air



Hon. Devin Dreeshen
Minister of Transportation and Economic Corridors

Bryce Stewart
Deputy Minister of Transportation & Economic Corridors