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Special Announcement


Vancouver, BC – May 14, 2019 – The WESTAC Board of Directors is pleased to announce its newest member is Ashcroft Terminal (AT). As British Columbia's largest inland terminal, Ashcroft Terminal is an important link in the Western Canadian Supply Chain.

In 2018, PSA International, the world's biggest container port operators, acquired a majority interest in AT. The partnership marks the PSA group's first foray into the Canadian supply chain and offers connection to the North American hinterland market and opens new, efficient solutions for major Western Canadian exporters and importers.

WESTAC President and CEO Oksana Exell notes, "WESTAC grows its membership strategically, inviting stakeholders with unique perspective to the Council. Ashcroft Terminal brings an entrepreneurial approach and a global outlook to our discussions on supply chain fluidity in Western Canada."

The Official Representative to the Council will be Kleo Landucci, Chief Commercial and Corporate Affairs Officer. The Alternate representatives will be Kelvin Tan, Chief Executive Officer, and Chris Shubert, Vice President, Sales and Development.

"As Ashcroft Terminal advances its suite of cargo solutions to Canadian producers, we will need to build on our established relationships with key-stakeholders, many of whom are active at the WESTAC Forum. By embracing opportunities to take advantage of Ashcroft's strategic location, we can maximize capacity and alleviate stresses at marine port facilities," said Ms. Landucci.

About Ashcroft Terminal

Ashcroft Terminal (AT) is an inland port facility located approximately 300 kilometres east of the Port of Vancouver. Comprising 320 acres of free-hold industrial land, it is the only major privately-owned industrial property in Canada where both Class 1 railroad lines – including Canadian National (C.N.) Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway – run through, transporting import and export cargoes to and from the POV, across Canada and as far as Chicago and other North American markets. Besides its unique rail connectivity, AT is also located close to the major highways of British Columbia that serve much of the province's resource industries.

Ashcroft currently services all sectors of the natural resource industries, which include agriculture, mining, forestry and oil and gas; by providing transloading, fleet management, railcar storage and logistics solutions.

In 2018 PSA International Pte Ltd (PSA) has through its wholly-owned subsidiary PSA Canada Holdings Ltd, acquired 60% of Ashcroft Terminal. PSA participates in around 40 terminals in 16 countries across Asia, Europe and the Americas with flagship operations in PSA Singapore Terminals and PSA Antwerp.

For more information visit: https://www.ashcroftterminal.com/



The Western Transportation Advisory Council, WESTAC, is a Council of major transportation organizations, represented by senior decision-makers. WESTAC’s 50+ members span the modes and sectors of freight transportation: carriers and logistics providers, ports and terminals, shippers, labour unions and the three levels of government. Among others, WESTAC’s members include the largest railways, ports and commodity shippers in the country that represent a significant share of the Western Canadian economy. The members focus on critical issues that affect Western Canada’s freight transportation network to ensure that it is safe, efficient, reliable and competitive.


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