November 01, 2018 | Category: Member News

Special Announcement


AltaGas Ltd. Joins WESTAC


Vancouver, BC – November 1, 2018 – AltaGas, one of North America’s leading diversified energy infrastructure companies, has joined the Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC). The Board of Directors welcomes this further broadening of the membership and looks forward to AltaGas’ contribution. WESTAC continues to host the most diverse conversations on transportation in Western Canada.

AltaGas’ Official Representative to the Council will be Randy Toone, Acting President, Gas. The Alternate representatives will be Tim Church, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations, and Dan Woznow, Vice President, Energy Exports.

“AltaGas’ leadership team continues to grow the organization in ways that balance the environment, economy and society. We are proud to have them join WESTAC and look forward their perspective added to our conversations,” noted Oksana Exell, WESTAC President and CEO.


About AltaGas Ltd.

AltaGas is an energy infrastructure company with a focus natural gas, power and regulated utilities. AltaGas creates value by growing and optimizing its energy infrastructure, including a focus on clean energy sources.

For more information visit: https://www.altagas.ca/



The Western Transportation Advisory Council, WESTAC, is a Council of major transportation organizations, represented by senior decision-makers. WESTAC’s 50+ members span the modes and sectors of freight transportation: carriers and logistics providers, ports and terminals, shippers, labour unions and the three levels of government. Among others, WESTAC’s members include the largest railways, ports and commodity shippers in the country that represent a significant share of the Western Canadian economy. The members focus on critical issues that affect Western Canada’s freight transportation network to ensure that it is safe, efficient, reliable and competitive.


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For further information:   Oksana Exell, President & CEO, WESTAC  Phone: (604) 687.8691