Reports Available: Women's Participation in Transportation Careers - Moving Beyond the Status Quo

August 01, 2017 | Category: New Resources

The project included a report synthesizing the experiences of women in leadership roles within the sector, a roundtable and an analysis of current support programs.

Discussions at the March 14, 2017 roundtable focused on the competitive advantage of having more female employees in senior positions, the obstacles women face in moving up the corporate ladder, opportunities for advancement, best practices, and ideas for organizations in achieving greater gender diversity.

As a result of this research and roundtable discussion, the following sectoral strategic initiatives were identified as potential future programs:
1. Employer Outreach and Capacity Building – the why and how to achieving gender diversity
2. Worker Empowerment – identifying the challenges and learning how to cope and persevere despite them
3. Women Trailblazers in Transportation – a multifaceted initiative that engages executives, offers mentorship and engages youth with scholarships.

As this phase closes, we ask you to share the results widely across the industry. This project is only a first step to identify strategies and initiatives to increase women’s participation in transportation and its key occupations. We encourage everyone to champion this important work within the industry and your organizations.

Your feedback and ideas for future programs are invited. We look forward to future collaborations that explore initiatives to promote women's participation and leadership in the sector.

Download Executive Insights Report (based on interviews with women executives)

Download Roundtable Proceedings Report