Pacific Gateway Alliance Grain Workshop

Westac Industry

Exporting Grain Through West Coast Ports

May 27, 2016 - May 27, 2016

Regina, SK


This workshop was a follow up to the New West Partnership Transportation Summit that was held in Regina, Saskatchewan, in November 2014. The purpose of the Summit was to explore ways to improve the long-term efficiency, reliability, and competitiveness of western Canada’s transportation system. At the Summit it was decided that the Pacific Gateway Alliance (PGA) will lead this work. The PGA is a unique partnership of transportation industries and the governments of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

More Information

The “Grain Transportation: Exporting Through the West Coast Ports” project focused on addressing system performance to meet business and global trade opportunities, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. There were two components:

1. System Analysis – To build an understanding of the system by describing a typical order fulfillment process from a sale of grain to an international buyer and gathering perspectives on pinch points;

2. Leaders Roundtable – To provide an opportunity for senior decision makers to discuss opportunities to improve visibility and performance.